Why PetroSync Virtual Training?

If you are still not convinced to attend PetroSync’s Training, we suggest you to contact us at general@petrosync.com or WhatsApp us for fast response. We will give you more detail portfolio including scanned feedback form, simulation video of PetroSync virtual Training, photo of our training activities. We are confident after you/ your team/ your management review our portfolio, they will be confident to choose PetroSync !

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

PetroSync is an international training consultant in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Power Industry. We cover all aspect of Upstream, Midstream and Downstream. You can check with our team about our detail portfolio that related with the training topic that you wish to attend.
  • PetroSync has extensive experience relate with training for 10 years with clients from around the world.
  • PetroSync has been trusted by many Oil and Gas companies such as: PETRONAS, Pertamina, PTTEP, SHELL, Exxonmobil, PetroVietnam, BP and many more. We always collaborating with highly qualified expertise instructors with minimum 10-15 years of practical experiences.
  • We always collaborating with highly qualified expertise instructors with minimum 10-15 years of practical experiences.
  • Based on our average feedback score 8.5 out of 10 (1 -poor, 10-excellent) our clients are very satisfied by attending PetroSync Training.
  • The training content will be very practical rather than theoretical. We also encourage a lot of exercise and case studies.
Based on our track record, 90% of all PetroSync’s trainings are confirmed run as per scheduled. This provides convenience for all participants to plan their training needs with their work schedule at earliest.
Participants who attended PetroSync Training, will get printed Certificate of Attendance.
Participants will obtain their practical knowledge and skill to do job efficiency.
It is time for participants get their knowledge to the new level.
Participant able to ask question after attending the training by informing our team to be discussed with the instructor

Virtual Training

PetroSync Virtual Training takes place in real-time, hosted live by Instructor and assisted by operational team. PetroSync Virtual Training is designed to be an interactive live session. Our features makes participants feel that they are interacting like Face-to-Face training.
You do not need to install any software. After you registered to the training, we will send you the meeting link invitation which is accessible through web browser.
By attending PetroSync Virtual Training, participants able to upgrade their skills & knowledge safely from their home, without exposed to any risk of COVID-19.
Many client's management inform to us that their company able to save a lot of additional fee such as accommodation, transportation, daily allowances which will cost vary from USD. 1,000 -3,000 / person.
  • A Computer or laptop (tablets or smartphones are not recommended)
  • A reliable broadband internet connection, minimum of 4mbps
  • A webcam and a headset
  • Any internet browser (preferred Chrome Browser for better experience)
  • A reasonably quiet place
Training will be started from 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM GMT +8
You can check the time based on your time zone, for example:
  • 07.30 AM – 15.30 PM GMT +6.30
  • 08.00 AM – 16.00 PM GMT +7
  • 12.00 AM – 20.00 PM GMT +11
There is a “raise hand” button function which allows you to post questions to the instructor and our operational teams will assist you. With this feature we want participants to have the same experience when they are attending Face-to-Face Training. We will provide discussion session after class if it's necessary. After Training, you may email us for further question related to the courses.
Yes, we have run many virtual trainings with excellent feedback. On average PetroSync Training has feedback score of 8.5 out of 10 (1 -poor, 10- excellent). You can contact our team to get more detail in this to convince your team or your management.

API Preparation Training

API Certified Inspector is an International Certification which is made mandatory by many industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Power companies as standard qualifications in recent times.
PetroSync API Preparation Training is Instructor led training courses on API standards which aims to help participants before taking the required examinations and certification.
By attending PetroSync API Preparation Training, you will get high chance to pass the Exam and become API Certified Inspector which will benefits you in career upgrades (with passing rate of 90%).
Each instructor is a certified inspector by American Petroleum Institute (API) with years of experience in the related field and method of instruction.
PetroSync Instructor has active API certificates and always recertified every time, meaning that the Instructor knows the latest API standard and knows how to pass the exam.
We encourage you to always check your instructor’s latest certification on this link http://inspectorsearch.api.org/SearchResults.aspx
No. The course fee is not included with API certification exam package, only for exam preparation training. However, we can assist you to register in one package (Training + Exam) by contacting our team.
Yes, It is very recommended to take PetroSync API Training before sitting for API Exam.
Participants will be more confident in passing the exam by learning from the Expert Instructor whom also already certified API Inspector.
We have passing rate around 90% after attended PetroSync API Training.